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    Light to Heavy Fabrication - Pipe Fabrication - Platework - Chutes - Vessels and Tanks Show Details
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    AutoCad Design - 3D Solidworks Modelling - Engineering Design Show Details
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    Laser Cutting - Water Jet Cutting - Plasma Cutting - Tube Processing - Bending/Folding - Linishing - Machining Show Details
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What's New

  •  65 Foot Catamaran
  • Access Platforms
  • Feeder Insert Skin
  • Lead Hood
  • MIM Slag Tanks
  • OXY Trolleys
  • Reject Bin Liners
  • Thickener Rakes
  • XSTRATA MIM - Top Plenum
  • design-pageNEM Welding can provide all your AutoCad Design, 3D Solidworks Modelling & Engineering Design needs.

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  • machine-pageWe also offer Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Tube Processing, Bending/Folding, Linishing & Machining.

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  • fabricate-pageNEM Welding specalises in Light to Heavy Fabrication, Pipe Fabrication, Platework, Chutes & Vessels and Tanks.

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  • install-pageWe can help with all of your On-Site installation, Maintenance, Structural steel erection and Shutdown Works. We also have a large team available for your Labour Hire needs.

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Laser Cutting


An Australian owned Engineering Company primarily engaged in the supply and manufacture of metal products and equipment for the resource industries.

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