NEM Welding Services carry a large range of professional equipment to match their professional services. Below is a list of the equipment range that we have on offer.

  • AS500 Diesel Welding Machines, DC Inverters
  • Bandsaw 600 Dia Cut
  • Brake Press 200 ton x 3 meters
  • Certified Lifting Equipment
  • CNC CO2 Laser Machine 4 x 2 Axis Cut
  • CNC Router Machine 1.8 x 3.6 Axis Cut
  • CNC Water Jet Machine 4 x 2 Axis Cut
  • Guillotine 3 meters x 6mm
  • Hyster 5 ton Forklift
  • Hyster 2.5 ton Forklift
  • Magnetic drills, drop saws, various grinders
  • Mazak Lathe
  • M.I.G & Surface Tension Transfer Welding Machines
  • Mobile workshop container 240 volt supply
  • Overhead Crane 8.5 Meter Hook
  • Oxy & Acetylene sets, T.I.G sets
  • Oxy pipe cutters, ladders,
  • Plasma, ACDC high frequency
  • Radial arm drill
  • Robco 5/1 Wood Station
  • Mobile Scaffolding
  • Timber Drum Sander
  • Workshop with facilities 1000 square metres under cover with 10 tonne rated overhead crane

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